Woke up, fell out of bed …

I was a bit concerned about the BBC’s account of the plan to rescue the 33 trapped miners in Chile today.

According to the Beeb, a skilled paramedic would be lowered into the mine via a custom-made capsule, dubbed the Phoenix. On reaching the men, the medic would step out and allow the first miner to be winched to safety. Then a rescue expert would be lowered and replaced with the second miner. The others would then be retrieved one at a time until all 33 were safely extracted. The mission would then be complete. Okay, good plan. Except for one thing …

As the day wears on, news reports duly describe the appearance of each miner amid scenes of jubilation.

But what about the medic and the rescue expert? Is anyone going to remember them? Or will they still be down there, miserable and forgotten, while the party of a lifetime takes place half a mile up over their heads?


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