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The end of the IPCC?
The end of the IPCC?

International Business Times, Tuesday 4th November 2014
The future of the United Nations’ leading climate body [the IPCC] is uncertain, as experts wonder whether the panel’s merits outweigh its shortcomings. Michael Oppenheimer, lead author of the second part of the agency’s most recent climate change report, told the Associated Press: “You have to ask yourself: Is that the best way they should be spending their time?” The panel has also been criticized for delivering information that was already known by the time they announced it. On Sunday, the IPCC released its most comprehensive report yet on climate change. The painstaking study, the agency’s fifth since 1988, was six years in the making and included the work of about 4,000 authors, reviewers and contributors and about 30,000 climate studies, according to the AP. But many of the claims made in the latest IPCC report are nearly verbatim identical to ones included in its 1990 report.

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