When Parallel Worlds Collide

A story by David Winship

Parallel Penguins

yukawa3When Parallel Worlds Collide, the seventh and final part of Through The Wormhole, Literally, offers a window into a parallel universe where a Mortian cadet is held prisoner by ant-like creatures whose civilisation has evolved to the point where they can take over the brains of humanoids and transport themselves (and others) to parallel universes, but they still manage to get eaten, poisoned or squashed by just about all the other life-forms.

‘When Parallel Worlds Collide’ is included in ‘Through The Wormhole, Literally’, available in paperback from Amazon.

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My next book will be the ultimate key to the map of life, a jeweled window to the soul of mankind, an illuminating journey through the complexities and mysteries of the human condition. In the meantime, just make do with this story about wacky space aliens.

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