The Answer is a Penguin

A story by David Winship

The Answer Is A Penguin

The Answer Is A Penguin, the sixth part of Through The Wormhole, Literally, tells the story of two extraterrestrials who visit Earth separately, in disguise, and subsequently fail to find one another. When they finally get reunited, one of them disappears completely.

After going on trial for chillok genocide, yukawa3, a young cadet from a small circumbinary planet in the constellation of Cygnus, decides to get away from it all by going on holiday to Earth. In need of an earthling identity, he consults his microwocky (a Mortian mini-computer) and stipulates a simple, black and white solution that will involve no flying and plenty of fishing. The answer, according to the super-advanced state-of-the-art computational logic of his microwocky, is … a penguin.

‘The Answer Is A Penguin’ is included in ‘Through The Wormhole, Literally’, available in paperback from Amazon.

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The Voyager Series

The Voyager Series – Promotional Pics

My next book will be the ultimate key to the map of life, a jeweled window to the soul of mankind, an illuminating journey through the complexities and mysteries of the human condition. In the meantime, just make do with this story about wacky space aliens.

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