One Way Ticket

A story by David Winship

One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket, the third volume of Through The Wormhole, Literally, tells the story of how Melinda Hill from Camden in London somehow ends up millions of miles from Earth, marooned, perhaps forever, on a planet in the constellation of Cygnus.

When she married an extraterrestrial from Morys Minor, perhaps it should have occurred to her that her husband might invite her back to his home planet.

At first, her major concern is how she is going to get a cup of coffee…

‘One Way Ticket’ is included in ‘Through The Wormhole, Literally’, available in paperback from Amazon.

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My next book will be the ultimate key to the map of life, a jeweled window to the soul of mankind, an illuminating journey through the complexities and mysteries of the human condition. In the meantime, just make do with this story about wacky space aliens.


The Voyager Series

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