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More than 50 Chilloks have died in fresh violence in the city of Niffis, as Naaffab protesters loyal to the ousted President Keshiak clash again with security forces. Behind me is a city in torment, ransacked, bombarded and looted. It may look like a big inoffensive pile of dirt, but closer inspection reveals a cauldron of street riots and seething hatreds. The latest trouble started with a gruesome dismembering in a busy market place in the Muqu quarter of the city, when a mob dragged the bloodied antennae of a prominent Naaffab cleric and three others through the streets while security officials stood by.

When we arrived from Morys four kins ago, the Naaffab-led interim government, comprising representatives of the city’s minority Muqu and Mishah communities along with military chiefs and representatives of secular parties, gave us a warm reception and a guided tour of the planet’s delightful landscapes. But every time we point a nanoCam into the labyrinthine tunnels of Niffis, we are greeted with a shake of the antennae and slogans such as “We will eat the antenna beads of the infidels!” and “Walk the death spiral!”

Spokesmen for the Muqus assure us time and time again that they are peaceful, loving creatures who support dissent and opposition. From what we’ve seen, that may be true as long as they get to snap off the antennae of their opponents.

They insist they are the people’s choice, and then kill any Chillok trying to conduct a popular poll about that claim. We tried to conduct a poll of our own and inserted tiny flyers with detachable slips into the city tunnels. We are confident the words were translated correctly, but film from our nanoCams just shows Chilloks tearing along the dotted lines at top speed.

It is spoken. This is me, yukawa3, the MMBC’s Oov correspondent, signing off from the Chillok city of Niffis.

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