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Earthlings blow up power station
Earthlings blow up power station

After towering over the Oxfordshire town of Didcot for over 40 years, Didcot power station’s three iconic cooling towers were brought down in the space of ten seconds in the early hours of today. A controlled demolition of the now defunct power station put an end to 43 years of service during which it regularly generated 2,000MW of electricity – enough power to meet the needs of some 2 million households.

It was originally designed as a coal-fired station, although three of the four 500MW generating units were later converted to dual-firing, enabling the station to use natural gas as an alternative to coal.

And now, it’s gone. Earthlings are in the process of transforming from these efficient and sophisticated systems to today’s crude, noisy and ineffectual windmill devices. Well, we’re all fans of progress.

This is me, smolin9, the MMBC’s Pale Blue Dot correspondent, signing off from what was Didcot A Power Station.

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