The effect of vitalmados on the creation of crop circles

Vitalmados is an intoxicating liquor as defined in Section 3C of the Morys Minor Health Statutes. It is unlawful to manufacture for sale, sell, offer or keep for sale, possess, or transport vitalmados except upon the terms, conditions, limitations, and restrictions enumerated in the statutes. Effectively, this means it may not be used for any purpose except, under very restricted circumstances, as fuel or ammunition. The law is almost universally ignored by the inhabitants of the planet.

A by-product of Morys Minor’s construction industry, vitalmados is derived from pulverised goopmutt waste fermented in methane. In contrast to the debilitating effects of alcohol, it distorts the user’s perception of reality by manipulating and vitalizing the brain. Available in quick-release tablets and capsules as well as in liquid form, rectal ingestion of capsules is by far the most popular way to ensure rapid absorption.

Ingested orally, it has a distinctive, slightly tangy taste. Regular ingesters describe the dopamine release as truly exceptional. According to one expert, “it conjures up the feeling of cruising along the Daladax in an orbiter during a triple eclipse, while your primary tongue dips into the force field of an Oovian zeptotransmitter”. Essentially, vitalmados induces a euphoric state of mind, particularly in those who may be predisposed to depression. Certain characters on the planet try to make themselves as miserable as possible so that they have an excuse to ingest it.

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