The Biomimetic Mutator



biomimetic mutator
Should only be used by qualified and trained personnel

The Biomimetic Mutator
Mortians have developed a shape-shifting device that allows them to assume the forms of other cellular beings. The biomimetic mutator is a sophisticated technological innovation that utilises neutrino oscillation and chimera mutation to transform the appearance of the operator at the flick of a switch. Cellular metamorphosis, however, requires extensive training and specialised skills owing to the risk of potentially catastrophic mistakes.

The early days of mutator technology were littered with calamitous blunders, some of them irreversible. On one occasion, at a high-profile intergalactic scientific conference, a prominent Mortian senator demonstrated his ability to turn himself into a tiny chillok, complete with a segmented exoskeleton and fully-functioning antennae, only to be snaffled up by a hungry pinicola bird before he had time to reverse the transfiguration.

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