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Thousands of previously classified documents on UFOs have been transferred by Britain’s military to the National Archives.

The revelations include an abduction by aliens, a strange craft shadowing a Lancaster bomber, an RAF officer holidaying in Sri Lanka having a close encounter and a sighting by a police officer of a UFO hovering above Chelsea Football Club.

Tony Blair was apparently briefed at length on UFO and alien defence policy when he was Prime Minister and a Whitehall civil servant was paid to investigate UFO reports. Government officials believed aliens ‘might come here for holidays’ and discussed harnessing UFO technology for British defences.

David Clarke, author of a book about UFOs, said: “These records allow us to look behind the scenes of what must have been one of the strangest jobs in Whitehall … We now have a fascinating insight into some of the extraordinary reports and briefings which passed over the UFO Desk on a daily basis and how its officers used logic and science in their attempts to explain the unexplained.”


polkingbeal67: Have you seen this picture?
smolin9: Yes. So funny. I’m glad we’re using wormhole technology now and don’t have to rely on those old rust buckets. My Grandpa flew one of those.
polkingbeal67: Did he? Do tell.
smolin9: He once orbited a subdwarf B star so slowly he picked up three parking tickets. Yeh, it was costing him a fortune. It would have been a lot more than three tickets if he hadn’t taken drastic action.
polkingbeal67: What did he do?
smolin9: He removed the windscreen wipers!
polkingbeal67: Did you ever fly with him in it?
smolin9: Yes. We made a few family trips to Earth and got mistaken for a hot air balloon, a chinese lantern and a flying cigar. So embarrassing!


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