The Global Economic Crisis

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A proposal to impose a levy on deposits in Cyprus threatened a run on the banks right across Europe, leading to a potential catastrophe for the entire global economy.

polkingbeal67: I gather a lot of Earthlings are very angry about their economic situation at the moment.
smolin9: Yeh, all over the planet, people are very angry with their governments. They think their politicians are too controlling, too intrusive and too interfering.
polkingbeal67: So, what do these people want?
smolin9: They want their governments to do something about it.
polkingbeal67: They’ve all been borrowing too much money from each other. If you ask me, their global economy is heading for the cliff edge.
smolin9: They’ll be okay. They have so many clever people working as economists and financial experts.
polkingbeal67: Oh really? Like I said, they’re right at the edge of a cliff. What strategy are these experts adopting?
smolin9: They believe they just have to stop worrying and move forwards.
polkingbeal67: Crazy prokaryotes! I don’t understand. If they have all these economists and financial experts, how come their money systems are all failing? Running financial institutions should be simple. Perhaps they’re too focused on the big issues.
smolin9: Could be. The last time I was visiting Earth, someone was selling them outside Marks and Spencer.
polkingbeal67: Eh? Well, tell me, did you use their banks while you were down there?
smolin9: Oh yes. It was all very confusing, so I took advice from one of their expert financial brokers. But one morning I tried using a cash machine and I got a message saying ‘insufficient funds’.
polkingbeal67: All your money had gone?
smolin9: Not mine. The bank’s!
polkingbeal67: Did you go back to your expert financial broker and tell him?
smolin9: Yeh, I did. But he’d had a change of role.
polkingbeal67: Oh?
smolin9: Yeh, he was the guy who sold me the Big Issue.


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