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Presented by polkingbeal67 & smolin9

Earthwatch presenters – polkingbeal67 & smolin9

smolin9: Ask me another one.
polkingbeal67: Okay, how many wives did Henry VIII have?
smolin9: Well, obviously more than one, or you wouldn’t be asking the question.
polkingbeal67: Six. He had six wives.
smolin9: So he was a bigamist?
polkingbeal67: No. He didn’t have them all at the same time. They were consecutive marriages. One wife died, others were executed and some of the marriages were annulled.
smolin9: Right. So bigamy is having one wife too many, at any given time.
polkingbeal67: Yes. Come to think of it, monogamy is the same.


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