The official page for MMBC Earthwatch.
Presented by polkingbeal67 & smolin9

Earthwatch presenters – polkingbeal67 & smolin9
“Join us to watch human life unfold on the Pale Blue Dot.”

MMBC Earthwatch
Welcome to the official page for Earthwatch. This series charts the progress of humanoid lifeforms on The Pale Blue Dot (Earth). Whether you want to chat about the series, go behind the scenes, post a question about earthlings, or just say hello – this may not actually be the place to do it.

See if you notice one of our presenters sneaking in a staggering number of football cliches into his commentary during the series. Is he deserving of the shirt?

The Higgs Bosun The Time Travellers’ Party
The UFO Files Curiosity
The Olympic Games The Prince’s New Clothes
The Pocket Pyramid Felix Baumgartner
Voyager 1 The End Of The 13th Baktun
Neanderthal Cloning The Global Economic Crisis
Earthling History Quiz


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The Voyager Series

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