Earthwatch Uncovered


A story by David Winship

Earthwatch Uncovered
Earthwatch presenters – smolin9 & polkingbeal67

MMBC Earthwatch
Earthwatch Uncovered lifts the lid on the popular MMBC tele-immersion series exploring earthling life on the Pale Blue Dot.

This story, the second volume of Through The Wormhole, Literally, goes behind the scenes of the short-lived but top-rated series that gave us a tantalising glimpse of the lives and aspirations of those much-loved earthlings.

You will also be introduced to the presenters, smolin9 and polkingbeal67, allowing you to understand their behaviour, what makes them tick and why they do what they do. It also sheds light on the sequence of events that led to the abandonment of the series.

Discover what happened to the earthling Voyager 1 space probe, revisit the fascinating encounter between polkingbeal67 and the Queen of England and learn more about smolin9’s relationship with his earthling wife. Join the Earthwatch team as they help you to unlock the mysteries of interplanetary life.

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‘Earthwatch Uncovered’ is included in ‘Through The Wormhole, Literally’, available in paperback from Amazon.

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My next book will be the ultimate key to the map of life, a jeweled window to the soul of mankind, an illuminating journey through the complexities and mysteries of the human condition. In the meantime, just make do with this story about wacky space aliens.


The Voyager Series

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