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Woke up, fell out of bed …

Wind turbine rotors use airplane wing design Howstuffworks Modern [wind] turbines use sophisticated aerodynamic principles to capture the wind’s energy most effectively. The two primary aerodynamic forces at work in wind-turbine rotors are lift … and drag. Turbine blades are … Continue reading

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Woke up, fell out of bed …

So which would be his greater folly – promoting wind farms or covering up a speeding offence? The Guardian, Saturday 4 February 2012 Menzies Campbell said the Lib Dem grassroots would tolerate no rowing back from the green agenda that … Continue reading

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A trick of the wind

Governments set out to confiscate and redistribute wealth according to policies mandated by the electorate. This has to be managed very sensitively, not only because people are quick to perceive injustice, but also because the balance has to be right … Continue reading

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