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Woke up, fell out of bed …

Worsening sectarian strife in Syria puts the West in a quandary Al Jazeera, Tuesday 17th December 2013 Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that British troops could leave Afghanistan next year with a sense of having accomplished their mission, … Continue reading

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Awkward moment in the classroom

One of the most significant aspects of the Syrian crisis is the metamorphosis of Russian leader Vladimir Putin from international pariah to top of the bill on the world stage. Back in June at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, … Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for

As it seems to be as conspicuous in Western media as a brass band at a funeral, it’s worth drawing attention to the revelation that the UN’s Carla Del Ponte, who serves on the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on … Continue reading

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Belief without proof is no basis for war

Foreign Secretary William Hague and US Secretary of State John Kerry appear alarmingly keen on military action against the Syrian regime despite the absence of a UN vote in favour of such action. Both have developed itchy trigger fingers and … Continue reading

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