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Science or pasta?

You can lead some folks to knowledge, but you can’t make them think. Consider these headlines: “Study finds ‘ADHD genetic link’” – BBC ADHD is ‘in a child’s genes’ – Daily Mail “Don’t Blame Hyperactivity on Bad Parenting” – Bloomberg … Continue reading

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DHMO Crisis

This may be an opportune moment to alert people to the dangers of another threat to the planet: dihydrogen monoxide. Dihydrogen monoxide, or DHMO as it is referred to, is a major component of acid rain, contributes to the greenhouse … Continue reading

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Take a big breath …

The total surface area of your alveoli (your lungs) is about the size of a tennis court. Just thought you might like to reflect on that the next time you play tennis and, you know, do breathing and stuff.

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Science or pasta?

An interesting scientific prediction appeared in the science journal Nature a little while ago . A team of scientists led by epidemiologist Andrew Tatem at the University of Oxford studied the narrowing gap between male and female athletes and found … Continue reading

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