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Woke up, fell out of bed …

Daily Mail, Tuesday 19 February 2013 Alistair Buchanan, chief executive of Ofgem, has raised the spectre of 1970s-style blackouts because 10 per cent of coal and oil-fired power production is being shut down next month. Previous Next WUFOOB Archive

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A trick of the wind

Governments set out to confiscate and redistribute wealth according to policies mandated by the electorate. This has to be managed very sensitively, not only because people are quick to perceive injustice, but also because the balance has to be right … Continue reading

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Tilting at windmills

“What giants?” said Sancho Panza. Those thou seeest there, I reply. Those with the long arms, and some have them nearly two leagues long. Those that attract giant subsidies costing UK electricity consumers more than £1 billion a year according to … Continue reading

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