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Pull that tooth!

Europe has a toothache. You know how it is with toothache. At first you delude yourself that it will just go away. You try to ride it out. But it persists, so you accept there’s a problem and try to … Continue reading

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Democracy comes in Cannes

These days the word ‘democracy’ has become ubiquitous. It’s used to justify everything from toppling bothersome regimes to occupying St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s meaning has become as empty as a Greek tax return. If the hapless Greek prime minister George Papandreou … Continue reading

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Blocking the euro fire exits

As European finance ministers join US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in Poland today for a two day meeting to discuss Europe’s debt crisis, the controversy over support for “failing” eurozone members continues to spark market volatility. The euro was a mistake. Its … Continue reading

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That sinking feeling

Today’s Paris summit on the eurozone crisis will be another exercise in deferral. Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy will tweak the terms of the rescue package required to prevent countries like Greece from defaulting, but they may as well be rearranging … Continue reading

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