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Woke up, fell out of bed …

KFC chicken crisis: Met Police called over fast food chain’s chicken ‘drought’ Evening Standard, 21st February 2018 The Met Police have urged hungry KFC fans not to call them asking for emergency assistance over the fast food chain’s chicken shortage. … Continue reading

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Good planets are hard to find

The media is whipping up anti-muslim and anti-jewish sentiments today as it focuses on an article in the Veterinary Record by Professor Bill Reilly, ex-president of the British Veterinary Association. Controversially suggesting that some abattoirs might be refusing to stun … Continue reading

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The Facebook campaign that asks women to update their status with lame innuendos about where they keep their purses is just another example of the world’s current unhealthy (!) obsession with breast cancer. Does this (and all the pink ribbon … Continue reading

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