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The hijacking of a religion

Societies, religious or otherwise, have to be judged not only by how they deal with their most vulnerable and disadvantaged members, but also by how they deal with the most obnoxious and loathsome in their midst. At a time when … Continue reading

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Sticks and stones and words that hurt

A wave of protests and assaults against symbols of US influence has erupted in the Muslim world. Embassies, schools and restaurants have been attacked. Protesters have died as local police battle to defend American missions from rioting mobs in Egypt, … Continue reading

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Skewed perceptions of Islam

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is an opportune moment to reflect on how the terrorist attacks skewed the world’s perceptions of Islam. Followers of the monotheistic religion and its five pillars of faith have found themselves feared, maligned, abused and misrepresented. … Continue reading

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Driving for change in Saudi Arabia

When the horse is dead, you have to get off. Human rights and feminist groups in the West continue to rail against oppression of women in Saudi Arabia, insisting on saving them  from a fundamentalist religion that reviles, subjugates and veils … Continue reading

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Moral dilemma #7

This is based on an actual incident that took place at work a couple of days ago. Abdul (not his real name) has resigned and decides to have his leaving do at a local Indian restaurant. As Abdul has been … Continue reading

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