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Smolin9’s snapshots from the Pale Blue Dot

These dolphin creatures are really quite intelligent. Within a few hours, they can train earthling humans to stand at the side of a pool and feed them fish. No wonder they’re always grinning. smolin9 Previous Snapshots Menu Page

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Female dolphins are referred to as “cows” in the same way as “bull” and “calf” are also used to denote the gender or age of large animals. Many dolphins, male and female, are certainly cash cows for the entertainment industry. … Continue reading

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The smile is just a Mirage

Dolphinarium advertisements invariably feature a “smiling” dolphin. But the implication that the hapless creature is enjoying its interaction with humans is a cruel deception – the “smile” is just a natural anatomical feature. At The Mirage Hotel ‘s “Secret Garden … Continue reading

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