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Niffis and the Chemical Weapons Debacle Morys Minor’s most watched news channel MMBC News As you know, all Chilloks are supposed to be vaccinated with compounds that neutralise their formic acid. The Naaffab leader, Keshiak, who was recently reinstated as … Continue reading

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Awkward moment in the classroom

One of the most significant aspects of the Syrian crisis is the metamorphosis of Russian leader Vladimir Putin from international pariah to top of the bill on the world stage. Back in June at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, … Continue reading

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The devil we know

As the warmongering rhetoric against the Syrian regime reaches fever pitch, it seems the prospect of any kind of measured, diplomatic response to last week’s apparent chemical weapons attack on a Damascus suburb is now receding into the blur of … Continue reading

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Belief without proof is no basis for war

Foreign Secretary William Hague and US Secretary of State John Kerry appear alarmingly keen on military action against the Syrian regime despite the absence of a UN vote in favour of such action. Both have developed itchy trigger fingers and … Continue reading

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