Why Thursdays?


Why Thursdays?

So, why Thursdays, I hear you ask? In March of 1923 (I don’t know if it was a Thursday, but I bet it was), British mountain climber, George Mallory, was touring the United States to raise money for a third expedition to climb Mount Everest. Inevitably, he was asked why he persisted in his repeated attempts to scale the formidable peak and he famously replied, “Because it’s there.” He went on to explain: “Everest is the highest mountain in the world, and no man has reached its summit. Its existence is a challenge. The answer is instinctive, a part, I suppose, of man’s desire to conquer the universe.” And there it is – I created this paean to Thursdays because they’re there and because no one had ever managed to write about them before. Oh, and because I wanted to conquer the universe.

This story is included in a collection of short stories entitled ‘Stirring The Grass and Other Stories’, available in paperback and Kindle formats:

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My next book will be the ultimate key to the map of life, a jeweled window to the soul of mankind, an illuminating journey through the complexities and mysteries of the human condition. In the meantime, just make do with this story about, er, Thursdays.

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