Off The Frame

(for Mark and Lisa)

A literary disaster in sixteen parts.


After a tongue-in-cheek beginning that will seem very familiar, especially to younger readers, this short story bounces like a mis-hit tennis ball from one episode to another as it follows the progress of Jez Bell, would-be tennis champ, on the trail to Wimbledon. Desperate to discover what he must do if he is to make it in tennis, Jez asks his friends for advice. His mentor at the tennis club tells him: “You have to be utterly dedicated. It involves sacrifices. The best thing you can do is give up junk food, smoking, drinking and clubbing.” So Jez immediately embarks on a quest to discover the next best thing! Accompanying the story is ‘Sidespin’, a collection of random snippets of conversation from Upper Gummtrey Tennis Club.

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If you’re not sure you want to take a punt on the book, try these snippets.

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