Pandemic? Don’t panic! (Lies, damned lies and statistics)

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With a second wave of fearmongering now being orchestrated by the mainstream media, a bizarre fraud of staggering proportions is starting to come to light.

A prominent feature of the daily Downing Street press conferences during the lockdown was the Public Health England’s death count. It’s now becoming clear that the statistical data presented to the public has been disgracefully misleading. Dr Susan Hopkins, deputy director of PHE’s National Infection Service, has acknowledged: “Although it may seem straightforward, there is no WHO agreed method of counting deaths from Covid-19. In England, we count all those that have died who had a positive Covid-19 test at any point, to ensure our data are as complete as possible.” Essentially, the death of anyone who has ever tested positive for the virus in England has been automatically counted as a coronavirus death. As far as PHE is concerned, anyone testing positive, fully recovering and then having the misfortune to be run over by a bus a couple of months later is counted as a COVID-19 death!

Frankly, that constitutes propaganda and deceit on a truly monumental scale, and Dr Hopkins, along with many others, who have been complicit in this conduct, should be struck off. Furthermore, there is a case for declaring PHE not fit for purpose. It should probably be scrapped.

Is it not conceivable that our leaders have created and then exploited our suffering? Is it not possible that ministers, using erroneous PHE data to determine the government’s response to the virus, have been intent on creating a realm of doom and disaster, so that they might ultimately appear like knights on white chargers to save the day, waving their strategy banners in gung-ho and buccaneering fashion. Boris Johnson will be doing just that today as he “rescues” our children’s education with his back-to-school announcement.

Unless and until there is irrefutable evidence that there is long-term damage to a significant percentage of those who have been infected, it prompts the suspicion that the real fatality rate of this coronavirus may be an order of magnitude lower than authorities have led us to believe. The devastation it has wrought on the economy is something else. As is the impact on excess deaths (by non-COVID related conditions) caused by the misappropriation of vital NHS life-saving treatment. The ramifications may be felt for quite some time.

It’s time we all stopped panicking and it’s time we all insisted on much less fearmongering and sloganising… oh yes, and it’s certainly time we demanded much more transparency from those who are currently wrecking our lives.

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