Lisa Winship
“Music is what feelings sound like”

Lisa WinshipMy wonderfully talented daughter, Lisa, and I worked on these songs a while back when she was just 15-16 years old. Lisa composed the music and I helped write the lyrics. Lisa also plays the piano on all the recordings.

The quality of some of the recordings leaves a lot to be desired – that’s my fault! Most of them were produced at home on a shoestring budget. Nevertheless, they still sound very special to me. Hope you enjoy them.

Leaving Our Flag Behind
Good Days
Did We Shoot Them All Down?
Sand Creek
Why Should I Believe You Now?
Make It Snow This Christmas
Putting Out The Fire
Prisoner Of My Dreams
Okay In The End

Since then, Lisa has gone on to work on the following projects:

Familiar Grounds
The Skarlets
Bridge to Far
Lisa Winship and Andy Mathewson

Here are a couple of demos, showcasing some of her more recent solo material:

Whisper In The Wind (instrumental) [audio:]
Judgement Day [audio:]
In A Mother’s Eyes [audio:]

Lisa Winship

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