Forsaking the Poppy


It may seem natural to feel an allegiance with those who happen to occupy the same bit of the earth’s crust as you do, but that allegiance is purely arbitrary and, of course, divisive. This is obviously controversial, but, as Samuel Johnson opined, isn’t patriotism “the last refuge of a scoundrel”? Isn’t it often synonymous with racism and chauvinism? Isn’t it indeed, to some degree, the opiate of the masses?

Perhaps the time has come for us to envision a new era of humanity, moving from competing nation states to the flourishing of a multi-cultural planetary civilisation.

As Remembrance Day approaches,
Do you think it’s impolite
To decline to wear a poppy?
Is it wrong or is it right?

Having died in the line of duty,
Where poppies now abound,
Those men of Flanders fields deserve
To hear the bugles sound.

But does it just perpetuate
The jingoistic crap
That fuels these senseless conflicts
And holds humanity back?

Will soldiers have died for nothing
And will warfare ever cease,
If we hold a minute’s silence
And our thoughts don’t turn to peace?

Plucking the poppies from our coats
Is not really breaking faith;
It might just serve to help us
To create a world that’s safe.

About thespeedofdark

David Winship has written an unauthorised autobiography and several critically disdained literary tomes. His work is frequently compared with Steinbeck, Orwell and Hemingway, but unfortunately Mike Steinbeck, Daisy Orwell and Howard Hemingway were all terrible writers. He has been totally overlooked for the most prestigious literary awards worldwide, which is a shame as most of the words are spelled correctly. In fact, his books contain material that ranks with the finest literary works in history: all the right letters are there, just not necessarily in the right order.

Dave’s blog (The Speed Of Dark Blog) is part of his crusade for truth and justice and universal entitlement to free real ale. It may well be that his whole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.

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