Dark matter

(a catharsis of gloom and mistrust)

Black Hole
“It would make life much easier if I could have total faith and not question everything all the time, but I can’t do it and I won’t do it.” (Joey Skaggs)

Dark matter is a complete mystery. We know how much of it there is, because we know how it affects the expansion of the Universe. Other than that, more is unknown than is known. Scientists are racing to find it. You may find some of it here in the form of conspiracy theories, dark secrets, sinister and bizarre tales…

MMR Vaccine and Link with Autism

The case of DB Cooper Roswell – the FBI memo
The Tuskegee experiment Taking the biscuit
YAD061 The new bus driver
The USS Eldridge Project MKULTRA
Stonehenge Johns Manville asbestos cover-up
Pont St Esprit – the Cursed Bread incident Formula No. 5
Hillsborough The Gulf of Tonkin incident
Operation Northwoods Trofim Lysenko
The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster Marilyn Monroe
The MRF The Marikana Massacre
Operation Cumulus Operation Carthage
The Rath Foundation Iran Air Flight 655
Lucia de Berk Animal Farm & the CIA
The Zong massacre Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar
Christmas Truce courts-martial Operation Paperclip
Nurse Nayirah CIA Assassination Plots
Operation Ajax Mediterranean Migrant Crisis
Barry Seal Karen Silkwood
Operation Mockingbird NATO war crime in Libya
The Jonestown Massacre Heidi Krieger
The reboxetine drug trial scandal Curveball
The Beast of Bodmin Pig swill and the Falklands War
Northern Soul (Frank Wilson) The exoneration of Chief Leschi
The Sand Creek massacre RMS Titanic
Marula fruit and drunken elephants The Milgram Experiment
Hitler and the Reichstag Fire Animal Astronauts
MMR Vaccine and Link with Autism Operation INFEKTION

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