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Operation INFEKTION (and the advent of fake news)

Disseminated by social media and platforms such as Google (as well as more traditional media outlets), disinformation (or black propaganda or ‘fake news’) has become a significant feature in the complex landscape of modern international politics in recent years. With … Continue reading

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Pandemic? Don’t panic! (Lies, damned lies and statistics)

With a second wave of fearmongering now being orchestrated by the mainstream media, a bizarre fraud of staggering proportions is starting to come to light. A prominent feature of the daily Downing Street press conferences during the lockdown was the … Continue reading

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Reinstate Pluto!

This enhanced colour image of Pluto and its moon, Charon, was taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in July 2015. Pluto was discovered and classified as a planet in 1930, when astronomer Clyde Tombaugh of the Lowell Observatory examined photographic … Continue reading

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My cousin is a fungi

According to the phylogenetic tree, the groups most closely related to animals are slime moulds and fungi. We share about 30 percent of our DNA with mushrooms and toadstools, far more than we share with plants! Well, how can it … Continue reading

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Remembering Space Shuttle Columbia

Fifteen years ago today, the Space Shuttle Columbia’s flight back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was cut short in the sky over Texas. A piece of insulating foam had broken off the external fuel tank during the launch … Continue reading

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Avoid tabloid headlines like the plague

“Invasion of almost 200 billion daddy-long-legs on the way, warn experts!” says the Telegraph. “A record 200 billion daddy-long-legs are set to hatch this autumn and experts are warning the warm weather will see the insects spread further across the … Continue reading

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Flying Ant Day

Like smoke from shafts of the abyss, like drizzling rain flipped into reverse gravity, the spiralling cones of flying ants pour tentatively skywards. Each individual ant appears at first to be frail and bewildered but quickly becomes absorbed into the … Continue reading

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The sixth moonwalker dies

Edgar Mitchell, the sixth moonwalker Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot on Apollo 14, has died. He passed away last Thursday in West Palm Beach, Florida, on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing. Mitchell and Alan … Continue reading

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The reboxetine drug trial scandal

Reboxetine is an anti-depressant drug marketed by Pfizer under the tradenames Edronax, Norebox, Prolift, Solvex and Vestra. Approved for use by the MHRA, the organisation that governs all drugs in the UK, it was first introduced in 1997 and millions … Continue reading

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Does drinking milk cause global warming?

Today’s helping of bad science comes courtesy of a major Swedish study, published in the British Medical Journal, suggesting that drinking milk not only fails to prevent bone fractures, but may also be responsible for earlier death. So what are … Continue reading

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