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“The important thing is to have a target.”

Deadlines make headlines. Whether the Health Secretary’s target gets met or not, all the attention on the target will serve as a smokescreen, distracting the public from the truth that far too few tests were carried out during the first … Continue reading

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The reboxetine drug trial scandal

Reboxetine is an anti-depressant drug marketed by Pfizer under the tradenames Edronax, Norebox, Prolift, Solvex and Vestra. Approved for use by the MHRA, the organisation that governs all drugs in the UK, it was first introduced in 1997 and millions … Continue reading

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A good day for bad science

Today was a good day for bad science. A plethora of health-related science stories hit the newsstands. Amongst other extraordinary assertions, we were advised: i) that watching television while surfing the internet and checking social media on smart phones may … Continue reading

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Facebook: a dire tribe

They sold me a dream of friendship They sold me a network site… They said it’s so cool on Facebook They said it will rule the earth Hallelujah Noel be it heaven or hell The Facebook you get you deserve … Continue reading

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Science or pasta?

Do scientists now believe the planet gets cooler when the sun gets hotter? The science journal Nature recently published research relating to the sun’s energy output. The study, led by Professor Joanna Haigh of Imperial College London, measured solar warming during a three-year period between … Continue reading

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Science or pasta?

You can lead some folks to knowledge, but you can’t make them think. Consider these headlines: “Study finds ‘ADHD genetic link’” – BBC ADHD is ‘in a child’s genes’ – Daily Mail “Don’t Blame Hyperactivity on Bad Parenting” – Bloomberg … Continue reading

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DHMO Crisis

This may be an opportune moment to alert people to the dangers of another threat to the planet: dihydrogen monoxide. Dihydrogen monoxide, or DHMO as it is referred to, is a major component of acid rain, contributes to the greenhouse … Continue reading

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Nuclear reaction

I really don’t see the sense in spending billions on a new Trident missile. We never even used the last one.

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Take a big breath …

The total surface area of your alveoli (your lungs) is about the size of a tennis court. Just thought you might like to reflect on that the next time you play tennis and, you know, do breathing and stuff.

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Science or pasta?

An interesting scientific prediction appeared in the science journal Nature a little while ago . A team of scientists led by epidemiologist Andrew Tatem at the University of Oxford studied the narrowing gap between male and female athletes and found … Continue reading

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