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Operation INFEKTION (and the advent of fake news)

Disseminated by social media and platforms such as Google (as well as more traditional media outlets), disinformation (or black propaganda or ‘fake news’) has become a significant feature in the complex landscape of modern international politics in recent years. With … Continue reading

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In the Bleak Mid-lockdown

As Christmas 2020 approached, France shut its UK border amid fears of a new coronavirus variant, causing mayhem for supply chains across Europe. Nearly 4000 vehicles were held at a temporary lorry park at Manston Airport, while around 800 were … Continue reading

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No U-turns!

How much credibility can a government retain when it makes so many U-turns, careering from one crisis to another, lurching from one populist headline to the next, equipped with nothing but the flimsiest of straplines and slogans for brakes?

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“The important thing is to have a target.”

Deadlines make headlines. Whether the Health Secretary’s target gets met or not, all the attention on the target will serve as a smokescreen, distracting the public from the truth that far too few tests were carried out during the first … Continue reading

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I’m Under House Arrest?! For how long?

I never thought I’d echo a thought expressed by Donald Trump, of all people, but if we’re effectively under house arrest, maybe we should be worrying about the cure for coronavirus being worse than the disease? Draconian restrictions of liberty … Continue reading

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Animal Astronauts

Several tales of animal astronauts such as Laika, Ham and Felicette are well-known within popular culture and have lasting memorials, but very few people are aware of the ordeals they were forced to endure to facilitate human exploration of space. … Continue reading

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Forsaking the Poppy

It may seem natural to feel an allegiance with those who happen to occupy the same bit of the earth’s crust as you do, but that allegiance is purely arbitrary and, of course, divisive. This is obviously controversial, but, as … Continue reading

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Hitler and the Reichstag Fire

On 27 February 1933, pedestrians near the Reichstag heard the sound of breaking glass and witnessed flames erupting from the German parliament building. It took fire fighters several hours to extinguish the fire, which ultimately destroyed the debating chamber and … Continue reading

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Remembering Space Shuttle Columbia

Fifteen years ago today, the Space Shuttle Columbia’s flight back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was cut short in the sky over Texas. A piece of insulating foam had broken off the external fuel tank during the launch … Continue reading

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The Milgram Experiment

In everyday situations, we are apparently inclined to obey orders because we believe we will be rewarded for it or because we wish to avoid the negative consequences of disobeying or simply because we believe in the legitimacy of authority … Continue reading

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