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When I get bored in lockdown, And feel my patience ebb, I gossip with a spider I discovered on the web. I try to do some yoga (But cannot cross my legs), Make castles out of loo rolls, Draw faces … Continue reading

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No U-turns!

How much credibility can a government retain when it makes so many U-turns, careering from one crisis to another, lurching from one populist headline to the next, equipped with nothing but the flimsiest of straplines and slogans for brakes?

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“The important thing is to have a target.”

Deadlines make headlines. Whether the Health Secretary’s target gets met or not, all the attention on the target will serve as a smokescreen, distracting the public from the truth that far too few tests were carried out during the first … Continue reading

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Lockdown Blues

I’ve been buying only essentials And obeying the government rules. I’ve been doing the clapping for carers And plenty of video calls. I’ve run out of pasta and loo rolls And queued at the chemist for meds. I’ve done quizzes … Continue reading

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I’m Under House Arrest?! For how long?

I never thought I’d echo a thought expressed by Donald Trump, of all people, but if we’re effectively under house arrest, maybe we should be worrying about the cure for coronavirus being worse than the disease? Draconian restrictions of liberty … Continue reading

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Animal Astronauts

Several tales of animal astronauts such as Laika, Ham and Felicette are well-known within popular culture and have lasting memorials, but very few people are aware of the ordeals they were forced to endure to facilitate human exploration of space. … Continue reading

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Multiverse is a volume of nonsense verse with themes ranging from cosmology and philosophical questions about the nature of the universe… to mince pies and listening for worms. If you were a clownfish, swimming languidly and contentedly amongst the anemones … Continue reading

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Forsaking the Poppy

It may seem natural to feel an allegiance with those who happen to occupy the same bit of the earth’s crust as you do, but that allegiance is purely arbitrary and, of course, divisive. This is obviously controversial, but, as … Continue reading

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Free ebook!

What would happen if aliens discovered the Voyager space probe? The ebook version of ‘Through The Wormhole, Literally’ is currently available FREE from Smashwords. Use the code SW79C at checkout (offer good throughout August 2019)… The Voyager 1 space probe … Continue reading

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The Moon Pigeon (audiobook sample)

The Moon Pigeon One giant hop for pigeonkind! Available Now…. on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! A curious incident occurred during the 1969 Apollo 10 moon mission. A white object, later dubbed a ‘moon pigeon’, was filmed moving above the moon’s … Continue reading

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