Braintwister #2

When Lesley and Tim started playing mixed doubles tennis matches together in the county summer league three years ago, they were both nervous and edgy. They won a total of five rubbers away from home, one in each of the spring and summer months during that year. They often reminisce about those days.

“I remember our first ever win,” said Lesley. “It was against Western Gryppe on a blustery Saturday afternoon on a clay court.”

“Yes, I remember,” said Tim. “We were up against that guy with the booming lefty serve and we won in straight sets. We had to wait till after Wimbledon before we won another match in straight sets.”

“Oh yes, that was on the newly painted courts at Severn Valley and the first set went to a tie-break,” Lesley pointed out. “Do you remember that woman in the billowing pale yellow tracksuit who played for Upper Break Point? Her line calls were atrocious. I’m glad we beat them after dropping the first set to love. And I enjoyed playing on their acrylic courts.”

“Oh yes, it was a blisteringly hot midsummer’s day and we got off to a dreadful start,” said Tim, rubbing his chin ruefully. “If I’m not mistaken, we got off to a very poor start against Nomansland too just before the season was over. Thinking about it, I seem to remember there was another match we won despite incurring a bagel set. Who was that against?”

“I’m not sure,” Lesley replied. “It was on indoor courts and it was definitely before summer kicked in.”

From their conversation, can you work out who Lesley and Tim beat during their first summer league season and in which month and by what score?

Braintwister #2
Braintwister #2

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