Braintwister #1

The teachers and teaching assistants at Upper Gummtrey Primary School are discussing their lunchtime arrangements for the day’s outing in the New Forest. Each of them is responsible for supervising a particular lunchtime group. To avoid overcrowding in the camp kitchen, each group will be allocated a different time slot.

“Eight kids have signed up for the pizza lunch, which starts earlier than my lunchtime group,” says Conchita, eyeing the notes on the white board with suspicion and disapproval. “I hope they don’t leave a mess.”

“I’m happy with my group starting lunch at 12.30,” Tony muses. “But I’m surprised to see more kids have booked for the sandwich lunch.”

“I’ve got to do beans on toast for my group half an hour after the group with seven children,” Larisa points out as she strides purposefully towards the door. “Please make sure they’re out of the kitchen area before I start.”

Conchita takes a photo of the white board with her mobile phone. “The tapas lunch has the fewest kids signed up,” she says. “I suppose that’s because it’s much more expensive than the other lunches. Also, I notice the salad lunch, which starts before 1pm, has a male supervisor.”

“What’s your point?” asks Ivan in a squeaky voice, hands on hips. “Although, actually I’m quite glad I’ve not been assigned to the salad group. Anyway, Conchita, I’ve got one more than you in my group. And, by the way, Tony’s group and my group have only got 15-minute windows before the next group starts. Those kids are going to have to gobble their food down.” He follows Conchita, Tony and Larisa outside, leaving just Brad behind staring at the white board.

Brad, who hasn’t noticed the others have left, shrugs his shoulders and tuts like a disapproving aunt. “Yeah, I’d like to know why I’ve got six kids in my group – that’s one more than the 1.30 group. Can’t we be democratic and take a vote on this? All those in favour of me having the 1.30 group raise your hands!” He turns around. “Hey! Where have you all gone?”

From their conversation, can you work out what food each supervisor will be providing and how many children will be in their respective groups?

Braintwister #1
Braintwister #1

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